There is a famous saying linked to food, often in those fancy restaurants where food is artistically placed on a plate that ‘you eat with your eyes’. For once a saying may be true: after all food that looks good tends to taste better than food that has been haphazardly placed on a plate. The same saying can be applied to the most important piece of furniture anyone will ever own, the bed. Have you ever wondered why stores have beds made up in their windows and throughout their showrooms? The answer is simple: if we can see how comfy a bed frame looks when it is made up we are more likely to buy the bed frame compared to just seeing the bed frame standing alone and uncovered!
But with beds, as with food, there is more to your choice than just assessing it with your eyes. With food the taste of it plays an important part. With beds the frame may look inviting but if the mattresses that go with them aren’t right you can end up with a sleepless night, stiff back and all manner of other complaints.
Picking out a new mattress can be a difficult job – just as everyone is an individual so it’s the same for each of the many mattresses out there. You can get mattresses which are so soft you sink into them as soon as you lay down, or some that have a bit of ‘give’ to them allowing you to sink slightly but feel supported throughout the night. At the other end of the spectrum you have mattresses that don’t give at all and offer you firm support. Mattresses are, after all, a very personal choice and while some may feel comforted and protected in a soft mattress others get the feeling of being trapped. So it is best to thoroughly try out all the different types before you buy just to make sure you have the right one for you – and that there is some ‘taste’ behind the stunning ‘look’ of the bed frame you have chosen.