Christmas trees remind me of gifts and gifts remind me of ribbons…wait, that sounds familiar. I must be feeling the season, because now my thoughts turn to the Christmas tree and all its decorated glory and contagious happiness.  But everyone has their own version of happiness beyond the traditional tree and that’s just fine. Take for instance a whimsical tree composed of found objects by artist Jane Schouten. It’s a patchwork of delight that’ll fill the season with joy, as well as the whole year through.

Warm and captivating like lights on the tree, with the comforting, cozy feeling of a fire place. The Lumen Tree created by designer Adam Frank is an oil-lamp projector powered by fuel cells that create a magical flickering image on the wall.

This aptly named “Tree Bookshelf” was created by designer Shawn Sho and sweetly holds childrens books within its branches.  Can’t you just imagine decorating the tree with your kids’ holiday-inspired artwork and other treasured objects that celebrate the season.  It’s also good to know that the tree is made from durable and recyclable steel.

Part candelabra, part Christmas tree this modern tannenbaum interpretation is made from solid oiled larch by designer Sandra Lindner. Article source: